•"We are raising our daughter the best way we know how." - Rober Burale

Robert Burale
Image: Instagram

Pastor Robert Burale has advised couples to embrace co-parenting as it is beneficial for the child unless there is abuse involved.

Speaking during an interview with Churchill, the father of one says he and the baby mama are co-parenting their 16-year-old daughter Lexxie.

"Mama Lexxie and my wife are two different people.

I attribute a lot of good things to my daughter Lexxie to her mother.

We are raising our daughter the best way we know-how.

Co-parenting is very important, If you don't do it you might hurt the child.

It might not look so now but one day you might wonder where the child picked up some behaviors.

It's important to have mutual respect. Many people enjoy intimacy and run away from the responsibilities."

Burale added that he is now ready to get married again and end his 9-year dry spell.

'Do I intend to get married? Yes, 1,050%'. I'm a Luhya man, I don't have the grace to be single. Keep your eyes open, keep your ears on the ground. You just never know," Burale said. 

He continued, "...to be honest with you and that's why I'm saying, when I remarry, I'll revenge everywhere in every way in the boardroom and bedroom,"

Adding, "Marriage is a good and God idea and there are some things you have to enjoy in life. In heaven, we'll just be worshipping with the 24 elders."

He narrated how he separated from his wife, "I was married in 2012 for one year two days na ikaisha (failed). A great woman of God, someone I respect so much but it didn't just work out.

After preaching the gospel, there is an emptiness you feel. You have to come back to a wife. The body is tired you need someone to massage you...and you enjoy the benefits of marriage and it can be lonely."

Burale explained, "After preaching virtue leads you and your body becomes needy. Basically, after preaching to the people of God, it is important that you rush to your spouse." 

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