• She used to tell her friends that she can not condone cheating, only to do it latter on. 

Actress Awinja
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Actress Jacky Vike alias Awinja has opened up on an infidelity encounter in her past relationship. 

On the Wicked Edition show, the mother of one revealed that she used to tell her friends that she can not condone cheating, only to do it latter on. 

"I don't know about now, but before i have been cheated on and I went back. I was still young. I used to suspect him, but because I had no proof, I couldn't ask him.

One time, we had gone for a shoot alongside his friends. Then his phone rang, I saw 'Mum'. He started saying he missed her, his chapos," Awinja narrated.

After the phone conversation, Awinja says friends started making fun of her boyfriend. They knew it was his Mpango wa Kando and not his mum.

"There is no enemy to your relationship than your boyfriend's ally. They know all the secrets but will flutter you."

Awinja played calm that day, but later on sneaked into her boyfriend's phone, something she regrets doing.

"The worst mistake you can do is to peep into his phone. I went through it and found romantic messages, that's when I knew he had saved a girl as his mum. They had been even talking at night," she shared.

However, the Papa Shirandula actress did not leave the man even after realising he was cheating. 

"I took the number of the 'mum' and latter on called her to find closure. She told me 'its true, we have been going out and he said he is single. The girl was even shocked." 

After a while, Awinja and her boyfriend talked and agreed to forgive him. 

"I looked for ways to revenge, i went back, stupidly. After a while, i just felt it was not working out."

From the experience, the stylish actress learnt a lesson on relationships;

"I regreted looking into his phone and calling the other chick. She is not wrong, the man is the one who is wrong."

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