• Singer has been dating since 14 years

Trio Mio
Trio Mio

Teen rapstar TJ Mario Kasela a.k.a Trio Mio revealed that he is dating and his mum confirmed the news.

The mother, Irma Sakwa confirmed that she has indeed met the young bae and that she approves.

"I was happy at least he has brought a girl and I’ve met her. It’s good. It is better than keeping the relationship a secret,” she said during an interview with a local radio station.

Trio who is 16-years-old described his bae as younger than him.

“Ni mdogo wangu (she is younger than me). She makes me happy, she is a vibe. She is beautiful,” Trio said.

He did not reveal much about who she is.

The young rapper described his girlfriend as beautiful and one with a vibe, who makes him.

"She is beautiful, she makes me happy, she is a vibe."

Adding "I want to achieve my goals as she achieves hers while still together."

Trio mother adviced the young couple to grow and discover themselves "But they should respect themselves, I may not always be with them but I don't beat around the bush when it comes to sex education."

She went on to speak of abstinence "I have told him (Trio Mio) of the dangers of having sex before marriage. I'm not ready to be a grandma at his age. I want him to understand that getting a baby is easy but raising it is hard. I don't want a baby fathered by a baby."

"He knows there's diseases like HIV, STIs. I also tell him of contraceptives"

Trio went on to tell his fans to be safe.

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