Amber Ray and Jimal
Image: Instagram

The protracted love affair between businessman Jimal 'Roho Safi' Marlow and socialite Amber Ray - real name Faith Makau - has come to a halting end.

The ex-couple kept netizens glued to their shenanigans involving their torrid affair.

What made it that much more juicier was the fact that Jimal had a wife.

Anyhow, the wife, Amira Marlow did not take it kindly to the affair playing out in public and she retaliated by calling both of them out.

This spiraled into drama after drama after drama which eventually culminated in Jimal going back to his wife and dumping Amber Ray.

Jimal even lefts social media after gaining hundreds of thousands of loyal followers on the app.

Amber Ray has been trying her best to move on ever since, recently, she shared a video of her dancing to a song by Chike called 'If You No Love Me.'

The song is a cry for attention from a lover who wants to know if their object of affection still loves and needs them and urging them to reciprocate their fiery feeling for them.

Well, guess he is done.

She admitted this in an instastory.

"If it will cost me my peace then I will take leave."

In a QnA session with fans, Amber responded to a fan who asked what she will do now that she has Jimal's name tattooed down her spin.

She responded, "Nitawekelea ingine ya dragon juu yake na life iendelee (I will draw another one of a dragon on top of that one and life moves one.)"

And that beautiful people, is the end of their whirlwind romance.

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