• For a long time, Gengetone music has been associated with spreading immorality in the society. 

Image: Moses Mwangi

For a long time, Gengetone music has been associated with spreading immorality in the society. 

But one, Major Nameye Khadija alias Mejja has started changing this narrative. 

In his new song named 'Siku hizi ni kuBad' Mejja addresses major immoral behaviours that have filled the society today. 

Mejja Okwonko sings about increased domestic violence that has become rampant in the society today. 

A lot of concerns have been raised about increased domestic violence that is common as a result of love triangles. 

Also, the renowned singer puts preachers on the spot for brainwashing their flock for their own financial benefits. 

These days, religion has become more of a business and not winning souls. 

Most men and women of the cloth identify weaknesses in their flock and use it to solicit money from them in the name of tithes. 

The 'Subaru boys' are not also left behind. 

When the WRC Safari Rally was taking place in Naivasha, social media platforms were filled with stories on how the event is going to be an avenue for immorality. 

It was all jokes and laughter to talk about Subaru boys, and how they are going to snatch people's wives; until some bad scenes from Naivasha emerged. 

Some ladies were seen getting drunk to a stupor in Naivasha, with other people getting stranded there. 

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