•'At the end of the day there is no perfect person plus we have two kids.'-Jemutai

Professor Hamo and his bab mama Jemutai
Image: Instagram

Churchill Show comedienne Jemutai says she has forgiven her baby daddy Professor Hamo and that they are both embracing a new chapter of their life.

Her admission comes a few months after she exposed the comedian for being a deadbeat dad.

In the expose, Jemutai alleged that Hamo had refused to pay their house rent, he also had stopped providing for their two kids.

Jemutai further added that Hamo would come drunk at weird hours of the night.

Through Jemutai's YouTube channel the couple now says they are more in love than they were before as they've buried the hatchet.

Have you forgiven Hamo? asked a fan.

"Yes, I forgave him after we had a candid talk and realized that we were both wrong.

Our communication was bad and that is what led to the drama.

I forgave him and he also forgave me. At the end of the day, there is no perfect person plus we have two kids." Responded Jemutai.

Jemutai also clarified that her baby daddy did not lose his job at Hot96 because of the scandal.

"He resigned from the job, he was not fired."

Hamo added,

"I had left my job one month before the 'scandal.'

It's just that I did not publicize my leaving the way other people do. It was a beautiful place to work."

Asked why he keeps his first wife private, Hamo answered,

'Its not hiding her, she is not a social media person.

There is nothing I am hiding if I do things under the water na you still find out how can I hide?

She does not love social media, but we tell her what is happening so in case she finds out she wouldn't be caught unawares."

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