• 'No we are not married nor have we done the koito proceedings'.-Jemutai

Jemutai and Hamo
Image: Instagram

Churchill comedienne Jemutai has said she is not officially married to her baby daddy Professor Hamo.

The mother of two through her YouTube channel admitted to being in a come-we-stay relationship with Hamo.

Responding to a fan who inquired if the couple is legally married, Jemutai responded:

"No we are not married nor have we done the koito proceedings.

We cannot do a white wedding for obvious reasons(Hamo is a married man.)."

Hamo further added that there were plans underway to do koito which is more like ruracio among the Kalenjin.

"We are just living together.

If it was up to me and I was doing it alone I would do it tomorrow.

what am I waiting for? We are a work in progress and everything is in the plan so that we have everyone on board."Said Hamo

The couple has been together since2015. They have two kids, a son, and a daughter.

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