• Kathy Kiuna paid tribute to her son saying how blessed he is being that he was born premature.

Kathy Kiuna with her son Jeremy
Kathy Kiuna with her son Jeremy
Image: courtesy

JCC minister Rev Kathy Kiuna is over the moon after her last born son Jeremy turned a year older.

Kathy through her social media platforms, shared a video of how the birthday party went down.

She paid tribute to her son saying how blessed he is being that he was born premature.

Kathy said that despite discovering that he had cerebral Palsy, Jeremy has been a fighter in the 21 years.

She further added that he was given to them by God to teach them about life.

Check out her heartwarming post to her son;

''What a glorious day. 21 years ago God blessed us with Jeremy who is a prophet. Almost two years into his life we discovered he had cerebral palsy which affected his walking. His fight had began only two months into pregnancy and at six months he came unannounced the way prophets appear. He has been a fighter all his life. He was given to us by God to teach us about life.

Watching him is a school all by itself. He is a Barnabas to many people. That means an encourager. He won an award of the greatest attitude in Dallas and others in the sch were challenged to emulate him. He got a standing ovation when graduating because of his ability to weather the storms of life and still perform well.''

She added;

''He is a straight A student and the sharpest kid I know. Sometimes we are so caught up with what we don’t have and forget so much more that we have. You may not be a straight A student but nobody can bake like you, or sing or write or knit or.

You may not walk like others but they may not add value like you. You may be challenged in one area but it’s not a death sentence. May this encourage you to stop giving excuses and rise up to make your contribution to humanity. You matter.''

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