• He said he had mixed feelings about holding the wedding and hence decided to keep it a secret.

Arnelisa Muigai and Ben Pol
Image: Courtesy

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol has revealed why he married Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai in private.

The two held their wedding in Tanzania last year and fans only came to know about it weeks later.

Speaking in a recent interview with 'Simulizi na Sauti', Ben Pol shed light on why he chose to keep the wedding private.

He said he had mixed feelings about holding the wedding, adding that they were in a rush.

''On why we kept it private, first, we held our wedding during a pandemic and also there were mixed feelings of whether to put it in the public.

Then, there was unfortunately no one from her side. It was a mixed feeling for me putting it out there.''

Ben Pol explained that Anerlisa's family wanted them to wait until the Kenya-Tanzania border was open but the two couldn't wait.

''Not that the family did not want to come but the borders were closed. The family requested us to wait till the border was open but we had our plans and so we held our wedding.'

'The two have since separated and the divorce case is ongoing.

''We separated in episodes. We separated last year for like one and half months, then in September, we got back together and in February this year, we separated again. I think I did my best from my end to keep our love but I can't change anything.''

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