• Amber now identifies herself as an entrepreneur, mother and positive influence. 

Amber Ray and Jimal
Image: Instagram

Socialite Amber Ray has sparked speculations after deleting he husband's name from her Instagram profile. 

After getting married to the businessman, Amber Ray made changes to her IG Bio, referring to herself as Jamal Marlow's wife. 

Amber has now deleted Jimal's name from her profile, and only identifies herself as an entrepreneur, mother, and positive influence. 

On the other hand, her husband Jimal has deactivated his Instagram account. 

The businessman who is also into showbiz told Mpasho that he wants to keep his life private, hence getting off social media for a while. 

In recent days, there has been a lot of drama with the Marlows. 

It seems they have resorted to sorting out their family mess by starting with a clean-up on their social media pages. 

First, it started with Amber Ray fighting with her co-wife Amira throwing insults at each other. 

During this time, Jamal kept off the conflicts of his two wives. 

However, hell broke loose on Jamal last week when Amira exposed him online. She accused Jamal of being violent to her, adding that he is currently broke. 

Jamal came out to clear the air, accusing both his wives of wrongdoings that have led to the family conflict.

On deleting Jamal's name, Amber Ray has said that she is going to address the speculations. So, it's a matter of time for us to know what is cooking in the Marlow's family.