• Ambieni yule Jamaa that a mere EMPLOYED CEO can never argue with a PRESIDENT-Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi Comedian Eric Omondi
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Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has proven once again why he is the King of Comedy after filling a Tanzanian stadium with 46,000 people.

According to Eric he also made a 3.6 million profit from the comedy event which was held at Uhuru Stadium Dar Es Salaam.

Taking to his social media he shared

"Ambieni yule Jamaa  that a mere EMPLOYED CEO can never argue with a PRESIDENT. I filled a Stadium with 46,000 PEOPLE in a FOREIGN country and made Ksh 3.6 Million in Profits while all he does is sit in an office dying his hair black, Misappropriating public funds for personal gain and still has the Audacity to Insult his EMPLOYERS (ENTERTAINERS) He now has exactly 14 Hours to APOLOGISE. 14 HOURS EZEKIEL!!!! Hayaaaa.

Before performing at the event Eric had given the KFCB boss 24 hours to apologize, something that did not happen.

"Ambieni Ezekiel he has exactly 24 hours to Apologise to the EntertainmentIndustry "OR ELSE" atajua hajui. We (Entertainers) are the reason he is employed. Na kama imefika point anaona Entertainers are Useles people then itakua ngori juu ya ngori. 24 Hours Ezekiel 24 hours yaani Masaa Ishirini na Nne."

In an audio clip that has been doing rounds on social media, Mutua is heard labelling Omondi broke after he contributed Sh200,000 to Bahati following the cancellation of a deal between the singer and KFCB.

“Hakuna pesa alitoa. Omondi ni maskini…hizo ni sarakasi za kujionesha. Wanafanya hizo sarakasi waoneshe wanakejeli serikali lakini hakuna pesa ya kweli.

“Hawa watu wote ni maskini bwana wa kusaidiwa. Mbona hakumpatia mbeleni?Omondi hana ata mia ata elfu kumi ya kupatia watu…wasanii wanaumia…yeye ni muombaji. Sarakasi ndio zinafanya wapate depression. We talk to them and we know them and we know who is making money,” said Mutua.

Do you think the KFCB boss should apologize?

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