• Sometimes we plan so much that we end up missing on things.- Jalango

Image: Courtesy

Kiss FM radio presenter Jalango has advised Kenyans to learn how to work without a plan sometimes.

This is because sometimes one might have potential but it is never fully actualized because of fear for the unknown.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, Jalas shared that getting out of his comfort zone earned him his first radio job.

“ Go out there even without a plan and try.

Manifest it and it will be yours.'

Jalango further explained that while he was looking for a job believing in himself and what he can do landed him his first radio job.

Even how I got my first radio job with Radio Africa was all about courage.

Sometimes when you think things are falling apart what you need is the courage to go out there and say

‘This is me. I know I can do this, I know it’s me these people want, I may not be qualified but I have the grit.

You would rather fail than not trying.

There is no plan, sometimes we plan so much that we end up missing on things, sometimes just do things without a plan.”

To which Kamene added:

“Every single job I have looked for I have said, ‘If you give me this job I will never disappoint.'

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way they are supposed to.

You would rather be out there figuring out things than being seated waiting for a plan.”

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