• Yvette Obura said she forgave Bahati for the sake of their child Mueni. 

Bahati and Yvette Obura
Image: Courtesy

Yvette Obura has buried the hatchet with her baby daddy Bahati, who denied their existence years ago. 

In a comment on Bahati's Instagram post, Yvette Obura said she forgave Bahati for the sake of their child Mueni. 

She thanked the gospel artist for being a great dad as they co-parent their daughter. 

"Thank you so much baba Mueni for this. If we talk forgiveness, I forgave you a long time ago not for me but for Mueni. For her to grow in a peaceful and loving environment. You're and you've been an amazing father to Mueni and I believe that's all that matters. May your cups never dry," Yvette Obura wrote. 

She was responding to a post by the musician, who confessed that he did not publicly accept Mueni and her mother years ago because he wanted to maintain a desirable frame in the gospel music industry. 

"I hope I'm not opening up so much but I think this is another opportunity to ask for forgiveness from the Mum & my Daughter for keeping you as a Secret and away from the Public for almost two Years; its never what I wished for but because of what I lived for," Bahati opened up in an emotional post on his Instagram page. 

Other than co-existing peacefully with Bahati, Yvette Obura has also proven to have a clean heart from the way she interacts with his wife Diana Marua.

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