• Diamond seems to be having a hard time with the language barrier between him and the new acquaintances.

Diamond and Snoop Dog
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz extended his stay in the USA after attending the BET Awards event held on June 27. 

In the States, Diamond has been linking up with renowned artistes such as Busta Rymes, wiz Khalifa, and Snoop dog. 

However, Diamond is having a hard time with the language barrier between him and the new acquaintances.

As a fluent Swahili speaker, it is difficult for him to fully comprehend English, especially with the American accent.

The last time Diamond tried to speak in an American accent, it backfired terribly. 

This was in a video on his Instagram, where he faked the accent saying; "Imma go gerra."

Yesterday, a video of Diamond Platnumz hanging out with American Rapper Snoop Dog went viral on social media. 

In the Video, Snoop dog was giving some nuggets of wisdom to the Bongo star, who only nodded in agreement.

Netizens flocked social media, mocking Diamond for what they termed as a struggle to understand Snoop Dog. 

Here are some of the comments;

@Mutai- "Diamond met Snoop Dogg and the Bongo Star couldn't grasp the American English, only smiling and saying Yea, Yes, Good and Great."

@Victor - "This conversation between snoop and diamond was hilarious It .was more of a monologue."

@ Black King - "Diamond is floating and tensed as well. All I can hear is, "yeah". Snoop Dogg is thoroughly swallowing that English."

But some defended Diamond from the ridicule;

@John Njenga- "I look at the bullshit that Africans are commenting about the encounter between Snoop Dogg and Diamond Platnumz and I am convinced that Elsa Majimbo was right about her experiences." 

@ Denzel - "Well in that case, do you think Diamond can't do well without snoop? Hell no. And look at me and you, we learn our native language, swahili and English so that we can coexist, it won't hurt if snoop adds kiswahili in his resume to work with Diamond. Don't you think?"

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