Murugi Munyi or Yummy Mummy as many people know her as was recently interviewed by YouTube page, the Kenyan Entrepreneur.

One of the questions she was asked was why she had stopped having her husband, Zach Munyi on her videos?

She explained that although he had appeared in many of her videos at the start of her blogging and content-creating career, they saw that it was starting to have a detrimental effect on her marriage. 

"Initially, I used to have him on my platform a lot. If you go to my YouTube videos, you will see him in so many videos." 

"But it reached a point in our journey where we realized that social media was having a negative influence on our marriage as opposed to a positive influence."

Adding that people would target her using him and their marriage, "We would always see people taking photos of him online, or trying to shame him. Or if there was anything about me it became about him and or marriage."

So how did they deal with the negative issues arising from the scrutiny? "We said, that because I was the brand he didn't need to be on the face of it and so his role would become more supportive and in the background."

Murugi went on to say that what she showed of herself on her Instagram and YouTube videos was an accurate representation of her and her life and not an act.

"Of course, there are things that you will not see on social media but I try as much to keep it real." And how would she love her brand to be remembered? 

"For authenticity, honesty and boldness. That I wasn't someone who was afraid of saying the things that needed to be said because of backlash," Murugi summarized.

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