Chantelle Graziano warmed her way into the hearts of many Kenyans after seriously dating comedy megastar Eric Omondi.

The two would however break up sadly to the chagrin of many of their fans and followers. Since then Eric has dedicated himself to his work while Chantal has herself popped up with a handsome man many assumed was her new lover.

The rumour that she was dating the handsome mulatto sparked a lot of attention in her life again with many wondering who the new man was?

But it seems that Chantal has learnt the art of keeping people captivated in her life. What has she done now that is so newsworthy? The beautiful half-Italian was spotted with aspiring politician Hon Alinur Mohamed.

One can tell that the photo was most likely taken at Chanty’s bakery store Rimini by Mondo Pane at Gigiri and Ali was there showing his support.

Alinur has become a fixture in the entertainment scene ever since he was rumoured to be the mysterious Somali bae dating Betty Kyallo. A rumour that turned out to be just that-a rumour. 

Alinur Mohamed with Betty Kyallo Courtesy

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