Murungi Munyi, the content creator previously known as Yummy Mummy spoke recently on YouTube channel, The Kenyan Entrepreneur.

Murugi started out by revealing that when she had started doing online content she was a young mother and as such, it made sense to go in that direction.

"I lot of my content was focused on raising a young baby and motherhood. I was struggling with my identity, I didn't feel beautiful, I felt like I wanted to connect with other people and have friends."

She also explained that the term Yummy Mummy for her wasn't about a name but a state of mind.

"Yummy Mummy isn't a person but a band of existence. Any mother who feels like they are dope and awesome, that is a yummy mummy."

And why did she re-brand after cultivating such a loyal following over the years?

"As my kids have gotten older and my content has developed, my reach has really stretched beyond motherhood."


"So before I would post specifically about motherhood alone, now I post about hair, beauty, marriage, womanhood, sexual health. Literally, everything to do with being a woman."

She said that because of that growth, she felt that the term had boxed her in.

"And I felt that the name Yummy Mummy boxed me in. Even when brands would approach me it would be in the aspect of only about motherhood. So even alcoholic brands would be wary of working with me as it might portray the wrong message to mothers," she opined.

She concluded that it had been a scary decision for her but that her husband had been a solid rock for her.

"I will not lie, I was nervous about changing my name to Murungi Munyi but my hubby made me realize that I was the brand on not the name, Yummy Mummy," she said.

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