Corazon Kwamboka has been raked through the coals the past two days by Kenyans online after she posted an innocuous throwback photo of herself in New York City.

While most celebrated the glorious memento, others were not having it and went hard at her for posting the image on Instagram page.

Some of the nasty comments touched on the vacation that her baby daddy's ex, Maureen Waititu has taken to Colombia.

Some of those comments are below;

Tafuta pesa upeleke Frankie Colombia mumy, si unapenda competition

mwambie aache kiherehere

 Kabisa, very immature.

Wewe post za forest na gym .... Mambo ya tbt achia madj sisi tupo busy na current affairs moja kwa moja hadi colombia umeona colombia wewe Colombia ndo habari mtaaani... hamna jipya I come in peace

Kwani leo ni Thursday. ..Colombia it is.

Mambo ya new York achia wenye pesa,wewe enda forest na girrafe center. Umezoea forest....sisi yuko colombia.

Sasa nyumba ndogo inatoa za archives lol.

Sasa huyu juu Maureen ako Colombia she want to show us pia yeye alikua New York, that's tbt wewe zoea kuishi forest mkienua chuma kutafta content, mungu ni nani tuko Colombia ndani kabisa having soft life.

Sisi tuko Colombia mambo ya tbt achia Maumau.

Corazon has had enough!, posting a quick rejoinder on her Insta stories. In it, she said that Kenyans were idle. 

”Why do Kenyans have so much hate and idleness? Could this be the reason most of the youth are struggling and broke? Focusing their energy on people they know nothing about. How stupid do you have to be to go to a strangers post to comment nonsense. Most of them have never left their village borders and it shows,” she wrote.

And Corazon is continuing her habit of dealing with trolls/critics who camp on her page with negativity. A few months ago, the mother of one hit back at people who advised her on how to raise her kid Taiyari, saying that she doesn’t need anyone to lecture her over the same.

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