Gospel musician Jimmy Gait had an interesting take when he was recently interviewed by Willy M Tuva on Mambo Mseto.

The gospel singer heaped praise on Otile Brown's talent, telling him to use it to praise God and urged the celebrated secular artiste to join the ministry. 

Jimmy's reasoning was that Otile’s songwriting skills were at a very high-level, something he should use in spreading God’s word.

“Come to Jesus, let us sing for Him. Otile has a huge fan base because he is very talented. His songs are delightful. So come join me in spreading the gospel,” said the Furi Furi singer.

Was his suggestion popular with many Kenyans? Nope! The idea was criticized top-down. Some of those comments are below;

Nowadays, people are being forced to sing gospel music.

Who will sing love songs for us? Even Solomon sang love songs. Every era must have a representative.

I only have one question. Does it mean when you sing secular music, you are not saved?

Who will sing love songs? 

While the comments above are a sample of what Kenyans were saying regarding Jimmy's suggestion, I have my own reason for not supporting Jimmy's idea.

My argument is simple. It wouldn't serve Otile's self-interest. The "Dusuma" singer has been on a purple patch the last 3 years with every song he has touched doing well on the charts. 

At the moment, Otile is arguably Kenya's Diamond, having fans eating out of his hand with whatever musical buffet he serves them.

Sadly gospel music isn't the big money draw it used to be a decade ago. Just look at Otile's contemporaries in Willy Paul and Bahati.  The two had seen the writing on the wall as far as gospel music goes.

The two started out singing Christian songs but have all branched out the last couple of years into the secular funnel.

Sadly at the moment, gospel music doesn't have the best return on investment like secular music does. Otile has a winning formula that is working, one that is rewarding his talents tremendously.

Why jeopardize a sure bet for a genre that has already had its heyday?  But what do I know?

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