•Linah declines publicity stunt claims

Image: Instagram

Harmonize has been accused by Tanzanian singer Linah for forcing her into liking him. Linah said that she is fed up with the singer and doesn't love him.

In an interview, she explained that she met Harmonize at a club over the weekend who sent his deejay, DJ Seven to ask her to join him. She refused.

Harmonize is then reported to have ambushed Linah at her table with his bodyguards before throwing verbal assaults at her.

In an Instagram message the next morning, Linah wrote;

"Harmonize Just because of refused you, you send your DJ? You have destroyed your friend's family, now you think you will do the same to me?.....Pr*stit*te......I don't know whether you were born or vomited, a heart like an animal. I don't love you, I hate you."

Linah, who is well known for her hit 'Ole Themba' went on to tell fans that, this was no publicity stunt;

"Nilianza Safari Yangu Ya Mziki Bila Ya Hizo KIKI Wala Drama...Mashabiki Zangu Walinipenda Mimi Kupitia Mziki Wangu. Na Pia Mziki Wangu Huo Huo Umekua Ukinitangaza Bila Ya Hizo KIKI Wala Drama, Ila Inapofika Mahali Naona Nakosewa Heshima Siwezi Kukaa Kimya Kamwe.

(I started my career without stunts or drama. My fans loved my music. The music has been selling without stunts or drama but when one disrespects me, I can't keep quiet)"

Harmonize is yet to respond to any of the claims.

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