Jamal Rohosafi's two wives, Amber Ray and Amira made Kenyans forget the harsh and dire living conditions a few weeks ago when they faithfully tried to re-create a Mexican telenovela.

The two women engaged in a brutal catfight that went on into the dead of night, waking up many of their neighbours in Syokimau.

The aftermath was a war of attrition where each woman blamed the other for causing the fight. Jamal himself was as silent as a grave preferring to distance himself from the embarrassing situation.

And although Amber didn't show her belly in the exchange between Amira and her, she said that she would have to move from Syokimau as her peace of mind was her priority. 

"I knooooow, it actually hurts me to move but my peace of mind will always come first. I'm sorry but this place isn't safe for me anymore," she wrote at the time.

Now, the socialite has finally moved out, leaving the home to her mother. 

Although Amber has not revealed where she currently resides, Jamal had said during a previous interview that he had bought her a house in Hurlingham and was renovating it for her before she could move in.

Amber moving out will only be a relief for the mother of one but also bring joy to her co-wife Amira.

In an interesting turn of events, Jamal's first wife wrote a comment that could best be described as tongue-in-cheek for her followers. 

Amira screenshot Courtesy

Could it be directed at a certain person or is Amira just happy to see the rain during such cold July weather?

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