•  I had a list for God. One week later we connected and one year later we got married.

Mercy Masika and her husband David
Image: Instagram

Kenyan gospel artiste Mercy Masika has revealed that she is the one who asked her husband out on their first date.

This is because he had a character that made her curious to want to know more about him.

Speaking during an interview with Churchill, Masika shared:

''I met David at a wedding, I was singing and he was on the camera.

He liked how I sang and so he asked me to sing at his wedding when the time came for him to wed, so I gave him my number.

He looked like a serious person ambaye anajielewa.

He would send me motivational and spiritual messages every day at 4:00am.

Sometimes the messages would coincide with what I was going through and I became interested in knowing who David was, sikua namkumbuka vizuri.''

Mercy added that at some point she decided to go and pray for a husband as there were qualities she wanted in a man.

''In 2007 I went to Katoloni for a husband and I had a list with God,1 week later we connected and 1 year later we got married.

I am the one who asked him on our first date. I wanted to know him more. I wanted someone who will help me go further in terms of my purpose.

I knew he was the one on the first date we met. When he came home everyone liked him. I had introduced my mum to other boyfriends but it never worked out.''

Mercy added:

'When David came into my life, there was clarity on the direction I wanted to take.

Marriage gives someone a sense of direction.''

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