• You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo
Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

Days after revealing the gender of her unborn baby, Vera Sidika has penned her a letter.

In the short but sweet letter, the mother to be praised her daughter saying that she is a sign of hope.

''Letter to my Unborn Daughter.I believe that God sent you into my life to give me something to fight for, to show me there is love in this world, to give me hope and bring me joy, all the proof in God I need is in you. You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete.''

Vera is expecting her first child with Kenyan artiste Brown Mauzo

The socialite announced the news of her pregnancy weeks ago after hiding it for 5 months.

According to Vera, she hid the news as she knew people would never believe her.

The socialite who recently got married to singer Brown Mauzo unveiled the pregnancy on her Instagram after keeping her fans waiting for what she referred to as the 'The Big Reveal'.

She captioned the video;

"16.06.2021. An adventure is about to begin. I love you so much my Husband Brown Mauzo."

Speaking about the pregnancy journey, the mum to be said she has had the most beautiful stress-free pregnancy.

"No morning sickness, no symptoms pregnancy. God is good. I cook, eat everything, can jump, run maybe even somersault. No nothing," she said.

"Not even a slight headache or nausea. The only symptom I had is a missed period. Sometimes I would be super amazed that we would go for ultrasounds with bae just to see our baby and make sure he/she is good."

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