•Follows an urban love story turned sour 

King Kaka, otile Brown
King Kaka, otile Brown

King Kaka and Otile Brown have teamed up again to deliver their collabo 'Fight.' Their first collabo 'Alivyonipenda' was a hit that will never be forgotten.

This new collabo narrates an urban love story turned sour when the ladies older love interest finds out about her tryst with a younger man. 

‘Fight’ is a mid-tempo song where Otile Brown plays to his signature vocal strengths delivering a catchy heart-warming tune. The singer is complemented by King Kaka who delivers thought-provoking bars reminiscent of all his previous love songs.

This track is produced by Vicky Pon Dis while the video is directed by Steve Mugo. The visuals feature a special appearance by renowned actor and media personality Ken Ambani, who plays the role of a gentleman scorned by his love interest.

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