Comedian Omosh featured as a rich man in new music video

Omosh featured in music video
Image: Screenshot

Tahidi High actor/comedin Joseph Kinuthia has taken his career on another new level by featuring as a Video vixen. 

Known by his stagename Omosh, The actor has been featured in a music Video by singer Ala-C. 

In the Gikuyu vernacular song named Uyu Umwe, Omosh starred as a rich man who meats the lover of a  humble man and sweeps her off her feet. 

He is featured as a man who has a huge mansion and drives the luxurious Mercedes Benz.

Well, the trolling and criticism from Kenyans weeks ago must have been a wake up call for Omosh. 

He is now back to the showbiz business with a bang. 

2 days ago, he released a comedy skit alongside Comedian DJ Shiti. 

In the skit, Omosh made fun of his begging sprees alongside DJ Shiti. 

The Tahidi High actor took the comedy skit as a platform to apologize to politician Alinur Mohammed, who had been angered by his second plea for financial help. 

“It’s not money I am asking for. I am requesting that you show me Alinur Mohammed’s offices. I am not going to beg, but thank him for coming to my aid,” Omosh said in the skit.