Marya Prude's new tattoo
Image: Instagram

When TV anchor Willis Raburu confirmed that he had welcomed a newborn, all eyes were on her ex-wife Marya Prude. 

Contrary to what many expected, Marya has depicted maturity in the way she has handled the baby's news. 

While many ladies would turn into motivational speakers when in such a situation, the lass has done what she knows best; living her life. 

From her recent posts on Instagram, Marya has been sharing her happy moments, enjoying life after divorce. 

In a post on her Instagram that she later deleted, Marya dismissed busybodies who are keen on her conduct after the news. 

The post that Marya later deleted read; 

"How someone would want me to feel bad about enjoying my own life is something I don't understand. My friend, if you don't like your life, do something about it and let others enjoy their own." 

Since cutting ties with Willis Raburu, Marya has been sceptical about marriage and the idea of having children. 

From her posts online, Marya has been all about living her life in the best way and having fun. 

Over the weekend, she enjoyed the Amapiano concert while Willis Raburu and Ivy Namu welcomed their baby. 

She still holds memories of her daughter Adana, whom she sired with Raburu dearly. For this, she has a tattoo of Adana's name on her hand.