• Mans had given his all in the relationship, but as it turns out, it was all about bowing to the queen; Muthoni Gitau. 

Nick Ndeda and Muthoni
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Former Kiss FM presenter Nick Ndeda and her long-term girlfriend Muthoni Muthoni Gitau yesterday called their relationship quits. 

While announcing the news, the couple warned the public against speculating much on their decision. 

According to Nick and Muthoni they do no longer want to pursue shared goals, hence the decision to. part ways. 

"It's not an invitation to speculations, random questions, opinions. This is what we decided and that's how we said it, take that info," Nick Ndeda passed a disclaimer to critics.

But who are Kenyans on Twitter to heed Nick Ndeda and Muthoni Gitau's request to keep opinions to themselves? 

After the announcement, Nick Ndeda has topped trends with opinion shapers saying that he was the weak person in the relationship. 

And as it turns out, Nick Ndeda ameachwa akaachika.

Just after the video went live, Muthoni took to twitter and wrote; "Going back to the streets."

The tweet that she later deleted showed that she is feeling free to go out and explore the streets after 7 years of being committed. 

Graduates from Amerix's masculinity lessons would term all these as simping traits from Nick Ndeda. 

Mans had given his all in the relationship, but as it turns out, it was all about bowing to the queen; Muthoni Gitau. 

“You (Muthoni) were very aggressive chasing personal goals plus the shared goals, I was a little bit on the lax side especially with the shared. Even to a certain extent, I neglected my personal goals,” said Ndeda.

During their glory days, Nick Ndeda accepted Muthoni's request to move to Limuru even though his hustles are at Nairobi. 

Other than this, Nick made a permanent decision to have a vasectomy all because he did not want Muthoni to suffer giving birth and digesting birth control pills. 

According to body language experts on the KOT streets, Nick Ndeda also showed weakness during the break-up video.

Here are some of the opinions KOT had on Nick Ndenda's break up: 

@Ezra "Nick Ndeda is a very cool champ. A talented radio man. Daddy Owen is an easy going fella and a gifted artist. You wonder why it's the nicest peeps who undergo the nastiest breakups and separations. The world is twisted." 

@Fafa Mukuru "My boy Nick Ndeda surrendered his frame and throughout the interview is leaning towards Muthoni. You already know what that means, stay dangerous cabrons."

@Kerry "Idk if it's just me but if you watch a number of the videos with Nick Ndeda in them, he seems to be just agreeing with everything said It looks a bit weird though."