• Nabbi revealed that she comes from a musical family but cannot hold a note.

Otile Brown and Nabbi
Otile Brown and Nabbi

Kenya's king of RnB has been keeping details of his queen, Nabbi, private. No one really knows if they are on or off, or on again.

However, what we do know is that the couple has been keeping their relationship hush-hush and Nabbi has on numerous occasions stated that she doesn't mind dating a musician, despite her PhD.

In a QnA session on her Instagram stories, Nabbi was asked, "Would you ever marry outside your race?

"Yes. I'm a hopeless romantic. I always believe in true love. You can't choose who you love and I don't see anything wrong with someone in the music industry."

Asked why she didn't marry her ex-bae after dating for 8 years, Nabbi responded:

"I was young and wasn't ready for such a commitment."

Nabbi revealed that she comes from a musical family but cannot hold a note.

"I cannot sing. I just love singing but I can never ever do it professionally. I would melt on stage."




Yes, my dad is a musician. He is back. He wanted to take a break for a bit but yes he is recording again. My older brother sings too."

A fan asked her, 'Your father is a millionaire, why do still work?'

Nabbi responded: "What? Oh abeg, when did you count his money oooo?"

She continued:

"Firstly, that is an overstatement. And secondly, my dad has raised me to be a go-getter. Not live off what I haven't worked for.

Thirdly, it is my responsibility to maintain and multiply my family's wealth. They have brought me this far by providing me with everything i ever needed so it is my turn to take good care of them now."