•Marriages are different ans it's until you get into one that you learn some things.'

Ali Kiba and wife Amina
Ali Kiba and wife Amina

 Alikiba has advised anyone looking forward to getting married to brand themselves till the right person comes.

According to Kiba, how you brand yourself determines how together people perceive you.

Speaking during Mpasho Live, he shared:

''Everything has a process, If you want to get married don't act indifferent.

Be kind and help people in need and one day you will attract someone. Respect yourself and you will find someone who respects you.''

Kiba added that there is no perfect marriage.

''Marriages are different ans it's until you get into one that you learn some things.''

Asked if he plans on marrying another wife as approved by the Islamic religion, he shared

'You never know, I can't tell you that.''

He was also of the opinion that he would never force his son to join the music career.

Kiba added that his son Kiba Junior is free to choose a career of his liking, adding that he is not only a talented dancer but a footballer as well.

On what he enjoys most about family, Kiba shared:

''I love the fact that they all look like me".

On whether he has any plans of building a house in Kenya, Kiba responded:

''I have thought about it, maybe in future, Inshallah.''

Kiba is married to Kenyan beauty, Amina Khalef, with whom he has two kids.

Alikiba gave Mpasho.co.ke an exclusive interview where he talked about beef making financial sense, marketing his music, why Tanzanian artistes are not united. BOLD And TRUE | Radio Africa's fastest and most exciting hub of Lifestyle and entertainment news.