Starehe MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar has been admitted at a hospital in Nairobi. 

On Monday morning, Musician DK Kwenye Beat shared a video of the MP cum singer being wheeled in a hospital stretcher.

"You are a fighter and nothing can keep you down. Fight the time and Have a complete and swift recovery," DK Kwenye beat captioned the video. 

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, DK Kwenye beat said that the MP is set to undergo leg surgery on his right foot.

Three years ago, Jaguar injured his right foot during a fracas between city askaris (kanjos) and traders at Muthurwa market.

He was rushed to Karen Hospital where he was treated and discharged.


Before his admission to hospital, Jalguar shared a picture on himself going to an unknown destination. 

"Take only memories,leave only footprints," he wrote.

Here is a video of Jaguar being wheeled in the hospital

According to there are numerous issues that can lead to surgical treatment or other therapeutic procedures for the feet and lower legs, including: 

  1.  Achilles tendinitis. 
  2.  Arthritis. 
  3.  Bone fracture.
  4.  Bunions. 
  5.  Cysts. 
  6.  Fungal infections, including athlete's foot. 
  7.  Gout.
  8.  Neuropathy. 
  9.  Plantar fasciitis. 
  10.  Tear of Achilles tendon. 
  11.  Toe and foot deformities. 
  12.  Various diseases.

Depending on the specific issue, there are several surgical procedures and non-surgical therapies to treat disorders of the feet and lower legs.

Surgical procedures will depend on the specific problem; however, some general surgeries for the feet and lower leg include: 

  •  Arthroscopy (diagnostic tool and treatment method to see inside joints). 
  •  Bone fusion. 
  •  Open-reduction fracture setting.
  •  Surgical removal (i.e. of bunions, cysts, nail, etc.). 
  •  Tendon repair.