• Omosh has thanked Kenyans


Former Tahidi High actor Omosh, real name Joseph Kinuthia says he was asking for help from people who are willing and was not forcing anyone to help him.

Omosh has been trending after asking for help for the second time from Kenyans and it seems his fans are tired!

In a video that was ment to give gratitude to fans, Omosh said;

"Majamaa, maze mlicome through manze mkaniokolea. Keja ndio hio imesimama manze thanks kwa kitu mmenifanyia."

(You came through for me. See, the house is almost done being built, thank you for everything)

He added that;

"Nilisort maproblems kibao lakini badomashida haziishagi. Mi hata nilikua nakusho kama unajiskia si ati nilikua nakulazimisha, niko sorted, mlinisoort maze. Nlinitoa kwa shimo. Nawathank," he told his fans

(I sorted a lot of my financial problems and you know, problems never end. I was only asking the person willing to help to do so, but you had already sorted me, you picked me from the pit. I thank you)