•Two bottles of anesthesia drugs labelled ketamine and midazolam, alongside a syringe were found.

Dr Lydia Wahura
Image: Facebook

The death of Dr. Lydia Wahura Kanyoro, a pediatrician at Kenyatta National Hospital on Saturday evening has left many in shock.

The 35-year-old committed suicide by injecting herself with anesthesia drugs while in her car at Kenyatta National Hospital's parking lot.

Lydia who was a postgraduate student in Paediatrics at the UoN’s School of Medicine in KNh is said to have left an ongoing MA class at the UON moments earlier.

It's also alleged that she called some of her relatives to tell them where she was and what she had planned to do, before committing suicide.

Officers visited the scene and recovered three syringes, a vial (small glass) of Ketamine, a drug used in inducing anesthesia, and midazolam drugs, also used for inducing anesthesia and sleepiness and to decrease anxiety.

“She was lying in the back seat and had injected a syringe on her left arm. Also found inside the car were vials of Ketamine and midazolam drugs,” police said.

Lydia Kanyoro
Image: Facebook