Photos of Range Rover Amber Ray has refuted being bought by her husband Jamal

Socialite Amber Ray
Socialite Amber Ray
Image: Courtesy

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray says she woke up one day and had nothing to her name as it had been taken away from her.

Although she did not specify by who, we assume it is by her ex-husband Zaheer Jhanda who is her son's father.

Through her social media, she stated, 'One day I woke up and found everything I had taken away from me.

I promised myself that I would struggle and give myself everything.

Now that I have achieved that you want to take that away from me? I am not going to keep quiet.

Like today I am driving a range rover and no it’s not mine it is my husband's.

But it’s also  mine so If my husband buys me a car and I will tell you that he bought me a car but what I have is mine.'

Many were insinuating that she has been bought for a new car, a claim she has refuted.

Amber Ray is currently married to Somali businessman Jamal Rohio Safi as a second wife.

Below are photos of the range rover many said Jamal had bought Amber Ray.