• I have dated a man
  • I was not living my truth
  • I am gay and very proud of it
CEO Bold Networks Africa
Makena Njeri CEO Bold Networks Africa
Image: Instagram

Makena Njeri has addressed rumours that she is dating Marini Naturals CEO Mithchelle Ntalami.

She describes Mitchelle as one of her close friends and promises to introduce her partner when the right time comes.

"It is a very big mistake to say that Mitchelle Ntalami is my wife. My relationship with Mitchelle is that we are very good friends, when you go to my Instagram you will find I have posted very many people.

I live my life very openly. If it comes a time when I will need to introduce my wife publicly, I will," she said.

Michelle Ntalami with Makena Njeri
Michelle Ntalami with Makena Njeri
Image: Instagram

In an interview with Radio Jambo's Massawe Jappani, Makena dismissed reports that she has a wife.

"Let's focus on Bold Network Africa. There is nothing like a wife right now, as long as you are in my inner circle, I appreciate my friends a lot."

On leaving BBC, Makena said the time had come since she had exhausted her potential there.

"Like any other journalism student, I really wanted to work at BBC. When I got the opportunity, I worked for 3 years. After that, I told myself there is nothing different I can do on BBC.

In my heart, I felt I have reached the end. I can go back there, they are good employers."

Makena also said she has dated a man but the relationship did not work since it did not conform to her true identity.

"Yes, I have. I keep on saying I don’t really like talking about it a lot because it was a very private relationship. Even when you speak to people from the community, the journey of your understanding and living your truth can either be a very easy journey or a painful one," said Makena.

How did you feel about dating a man? Massawe asked,

"Like living a lie. The problem with living a lie is that you end up hurting people in the process."