• She added that she was in so much pressure from the society.

Former BBC journalist Makena Njeri
Former BBC journalist Makena Njeri
Image: Instagram

Former BBC journalist Makena Njeri says she was living a lie while she dated men.

Makena who recently revealed her identity as 'gay' told Massawe Japanni that she is comfortable with her current relationship.

"I do not want to talk about this issue since that is my past and it was also a very private relationship."

She added that she was under so much pressure from society.

"The pressure was too much and I was living a lie, and the problem is that you end up hurting the other person."

Makena said she is comfortable with people calling her 'Chris or Christine'

"I have people who call me Chris and I am okay with that."

Asked on trolls, Makena said;

"I am okay with everyone perceptions. It only becomes an issue when it is used as a weapon against you.'

The biggest challenge is that people are not informed about the LQBTQ community. That is the opportunity that BeingBold will use to educate people about."