• Larry Madowo wrote an email to Joe Muchiri's employer
  • He asked them to sack Muchiri
Joe Muchiri
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Radio personality Joe Muchiri has addressed a concern on why he did not congratulate Larry Madowo for getting a lucrative job at CNN.

The former Capital FM presenter said that many people know Larry Madowo to be a nice reporter, who is prospering in his career, but he knows the bad side of him.

While he was at Capital FM, Larry is said to have pestered the management to fire him.

"Mans sent an email to my former employee asking them to fire me. Yaani a whole adult sent an email saying that a person like me should not be working at Capital FM, just because I made fun of him here luckily the manager was not these new managers who just fire people for no reason to look cool online.

He asked me, "Joe now who is this larry person,?!” I told him it’s just some big mouth on twitter ( literally) who just doesn’t like me, he then told me can U tell these people online to stop sending me nonsense coz apparently other people used to chomea me to him " said Muchiri.

In a tweeter thread, Muchiri said he has no respect for anyone who tries to spoil another's source of income.

"U don’t know what or how many responsibilities that person has, the man/woman could be schooling, feeding, housing other people, Na wewe unachomea mtu for no good reason Coz U don’t like how they think or what they say, but si ni life though.

Luckily I was very good at my job, actually not luckily, I was good at what I did period. So catch me dead congratulating larry mamdomo, I can never respect anyone who tries to take bread from someone for petty reasons. SMH."

Last month, Larry Madowo landed a job as a news correspondent for CNN. Many Kenyans congratulated him for his achievement.