• She wants a 'made in Kenya' shoot
  • The shoot is probono
  • You must meet her standards
Mitchelle Ntalami
Image: Instagram

Marini naturals CEO Mitchelle Ntalami is gearing up for her 37th birthday in June.

She intends to celebrate to celebrate her birthday in a unique style, donning made in Kenya outfits only.

In an Instagram post, Mitchelle said that her Marini naturals brand has already grown and she would love to help other Kenyan entrepreneurs grow their brands too.

"Hey hey fam! Y’all already know every year for my birthday in June I do a kick ass photoshoot.☺️ This year I want to make it a little different. We always expect to receive love and gifts on our birthdays. But this time, that’s exactly what I want to give back. I’d like to wear and promote Kenyan brands and business for my photo-shoot! 🇰🇪I’m calling it #MyMadeInKe Birthday!" she wrote. 

Mitchelle Ntalami added;

" It is a pro-bono shoot for all the brands and people I will partner with! (I.e no charges) I only get to keep the items that I like, or whatever you choose to bless me with from your collection!😊 I’ve already got the concept, so all I need is the awesome team and brands to put it all together!"

However, Mitchelle warned that she will only work with outstanding brands because of her high standards.

The interested persons are required to send her requests, which her team will analyse and make decisions by wednesday.

Here is what Mitchelle Ntalami wants for her birthday shoot;

- Photographer

- MakeUp Artist

- Personal Stylist and Shopper (must be super thorough in sourcing everything we’d need)

- Shoes/FMBoots

- Fedoras and hats-

-Bespoke/Tailored outfits

- Lingerie & Shapewear

- Unique/over-the-top headwear, jewelry and accessories

- Hairstyling and elegant wigs

- 4-5 Star Hotel, Luxury Residence or Suites.