A distraught parent has appealed to the government to investigate the circumstances that led to the death of his son while being held at Maseno police station recently.

The late Samson Okumu 27, was arrested on 30th last month for allegedly assaulting a woman and was locked at Maseno police station for three days and arraigned before court last week Wednesday to take a plea.

According to his father Patrick Okumu Nyakwaka, the suspect was released on bond pending the hearing of the case but in the meantime, he was locked up in the same police station as the family strived to fulfil the bond terms.

“But when I returned to the police station Thursday, I was informed that my son attempted suicide in the cells and was rushed to Ojola dispensary for treatment where he lost his life,’’ Nyakwaka said.

“I have serious doubts concerning my son’s death and I want to establish the truth behind it. I don’t believe whatever police are telling me because it’s twisted. For instance, why did they bypass Maseno and Chula Imbo hospitals only to take him to a small dispensary in Ojola?,” posed Okumu.

The distraught father also queried why he was not alerted when the alleged death happened as he had given the police officers his mobile telephone number.

“How come they did not bother to inform me about the death, such that I had to find out on my own the following day?,” he cried out, while maintaining that his son was in perfect health when he last saw him.