•Videographer has worked with singer for years


Diamond Platnumz's videoographer Lukamba has been famous with time, thanks to the Tanzanian star who has been flaunting his photography work on social media.

With over 1.8 Million followers on Instagram, fans have followed on his private life. It is clear that he has introduced a new wife after parting ways with the first wife.

Lukamba said in an interview that he and the mother of his child had not been seeing eye to eye for months

"We have very big misunderstanding that took about eight months nonstop and we agreed that we are not meant to be, we didn't force. We didn't see the need to be together anymore"

He went on to say that she was attracting other celebrities;

"Male celebrities were getting into her DM, very big celebrities. It was like a disrespect. "

He mentioned that even pastors were sliding into her DM.

Lukamba says he provides chils support and is now in good times with his ex-wife who is set to get married to another man.