'You were left in my care when mum died...' Nyce Wanjeri shows off her hunk brother

Nyce Wanjeri's brother
Image: Instagram

Kenyan actress Nyce Wanjeri has said losing their mum made her mature early as she had to take care of her younger brother Alpha.

The mother of one lost her mother years ago and since then she had to take up the role of parenting her brother who turns a year older today.

Through her socials, she wrote

'Looking at you gives me hope..., I look at you and I know God exists in so many ways🥰. I call you my firstborn... Through you, I learned to be responsible. When mum joined the angels and you were left in my care, I was glad that it is me. You know how much I love you, little bro.

Together we will make mum and dad wakiwa majuu 🤣 sooo proud. You are the greatest gift to mankind, you are the head, not the tail.Mum named you Alpha meaning start. You are the start of great blessings. Alafu si uko handsome yawa weeeee.....wakunywe kabisa 🤣🤣🤣Happy birthday Alpha Githinji Thuo (Paps) 🥂. I raised a gentleman. So the lucky lady will enjoy 🙏😁💃.'


Nyce Wanjeri's brother
Image: Instagram

His birthday comes a day after Nyce Wanjeri's  daughter Natasha turned 10.

The mother of one termed the 10 years she has been a parent as a learning experience.

Taking to her social media, Nyce penned

'From the first time I laid my eyes on you ☺️ I was so grateful. I am so lucky that God trusted me to be your mum and lead you where I can 🙏.

Today you turn two Digits 10yrs. I love you so much and more. May God bless your year, May you grow to love God, know HIM like I do and much more,

May you live so many years of love, health, strength, wisdom, prosperity, to many more great experiences🎊💪💝.Alafu Pesa utajitafutia yako... Kazi yangu nitakulea na kukupa vitu unahitaji kugrow. The world has a lot of great and no so great things we learn pamoja 🙏.HAPPY BIRTHDAY 10TH BIRTHDAY MY PRINCESS.'

Image: Instagram

 Natasha is daughter to Nyce Wanjeri and her ex-husband Titus Wagithomo.

The ex-couple had been together for seven years before their marriage failed and each went their separate ways.

Nyce is currently dating Leting Kipkemboi.

Kemboi took to his social media to celebrate Natasha with the message below.

'Happy Birthday to the battery of our house💪💪... Our source of power. Happy Birthday @natasha_nyawira ... 10 years has never looked any cool on any princess. You're amazing and mummy and I love you❤.'