Nameless discovered to have cholesterol and sugar issues during random medical test

Nameless and Wahu
Image: Instagra

Kenyan gospel artist Wahu has asked Kenyans to take better care of themselves after her husband Nameless was discovered to be having borderline health issues.

This was discovered during a random medical test carried out on the couple.

According to Wahu, being skinny does not mean that one is healthy.

Through her social media, the mother of two shared

'We swent to @riverdale__ke to collect our test results (we try to do annual tests to make sure kila kitu iko Sawa). dr. @andrew.muriithi told us that hubby has some borderline health issues That we need to arrest now before they blow up. guys, I can't emphasize enough the importance of regular checkups.

So many diseases can be managed or even reversed if caught in good time. I'm glad we've found out early what's going on with hubby so that we can deal with it immediately.

Guys, we all know how expensive being unwell can be, not to mention how it can reduce the quality of your life. be responsible. our kids need us. thank you @riverdale__ke for being our trusted health and wellness partner. '

Like Wahu says we can take care of ourselves by exercising and changing our diet.