Wahu reveals how Kanjo thwarted Nameless first attempt to kiss her

Nameless and Wahu
Image: Instagra

Kenyan gospel artiste Wahu Mathenge has narrated how Nairobi County askaris known by many as  Kanjo ruined her first kiss with Nameless.

According to Wahu, she was just about to get kissed by Nameless who was her boyfriend then, before the boys in uniform came and arrested them.

'I had been showered with so much attention by my dad so I did not need a man to tell me am beautiful, kwanza if I noticed all a man wanted was sex I just cancelled them out.

So when Nameless and I went for the first date, I was very sure he should try and kiss me considering how the date had gone, luckily for him he did not.

On the second date, I was also sure he would try and kiss me instead he escorted me and told me goodbye, so I was like why is this man not making any moves?

So I swore the next time we met and he made no move I would 'cancel; him as he was not serious.

So we went out and everything was feeling right and when he was just bending to kiss me, we saw kanjos approaching.

The mother of two added,

'We were arrested, that is how I knew kanjo can arrest you. I do not know how he managed to get us released but he did.

Nameless finally escorted me and the kiss finally happened outside our house.

Wahu added that she intentionally got late for their first date just to test how deep Nameless's feelings were for him.

'We were to meet at 1;45 but at 1 I was still in the house, I left the house at 2. I guess I was just trying to test whether he loved me.

When I got there I found him and lie that I had been held up.'

Do you remember your first kiss? Was it a hit or a miss?