• Kartelo has been managing the family business and being a new dad.

• Kartelo denied he is addicted to drugs.

Comedian Kartelo
Comedian Kartelo
Image: Instagram

Kartelo has come out to deny he has been missing in action due to drug addiction.

Speaking to Mulamwah who visited him at his home in Kayole, Kartelo said, "I'm around. There is nothing amiss."

Adding, "Apart from being an entertainer that everyone knows, I'm a father, son, niece and all those sections of my life have to balance."

Kartelo continued, "My mum wanted me to help her with her business in the rearing of chicken."

Kartelo was known for his unique brand of comedy that used complicated sheng words. However, the last time he posted any content on his social media was in February 6, 2021.

Asked if he has been missing in action due to addiction and drugs.

Kartelo said, "There is no addiction. I'm okay."

Adding, "You can put a pay bill number of you have missed seeing me. I cannot refuse. It will make me happy."

Advising his fans, Kartelo noted, "Be happy, be street smart. Appreciate God for what you have and progress comes slowly."