Kenyan artiste opting to go solo instead of pursuing their music careers as a group.

Unlike in the past more Kenyan artistes are opting to go solo instead of pursuing their music careers as a group.

Kenyan music has greatly evolved with Kenyans being treated to genres such as Kapuka, Rhumba,Gengetone, Mugithi among many others.

Below are prominent Kenyan music groups that broke up.


The group consisted of Nyamari Ongegu also known as Nyashinski, Collins Majale known as Collo, and Robert Manyasa.

The trio was famous for songs such as 'Tuendelee, Swing Swing among others.

Nyashinsky is now a solo artist who is well respected for his skills.

Collo is now a gospel artiste while not much is heard from Roba.


The famous Trio group consisted of Angela Ndambuki, Angela Mwandanda, and Debby Asila.

Angela Mwandanda, is a business developer for a service called on the other hand My Movies.

Debby Asila in the past worked as a radio presenter at Kiss FM and later as a marketer for the Music Copyright Society of Kenya before leaving for California, the US in 2016.

Debby works in the finance industry.

 Angela Ndambuki works as a CEO at the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Kelele Takatifu

The gospel Duo consisted of James Muhia alias Moji Short Babaa Silvanus Otieno alias Didi.

The two left millions of their fans disappointed after they split.

They are known for songs such as 'Famed for Bamba Mbaya, Ngori, and Ni Msoo.

Necessary Noize

The duo consisted of Wyre the Love Child and Nazizi Hirji.

They were best known for songs such as 'Bless my Room.' among many others.