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  • I can not listen to cheap music
Image: Instagram

Teen socialite Shakilla has dressed down Kenyan musicians and producers over poor quality music. 

According to Shakilla, Kenyan artists are poor at their work and she could beat them all if she gets to the studio. 

"I said what i said and i meant whatever thing i said. I can not continue listening to low-budget songs with just the same vixens all through. And you still expect me to support your music? It is bad and that is something you need to know. I am not gonna lie about it," Shakilla said.

She added;

"You copy beats, there is always copyright stories from Kenya. I said what i said, and if there is anyone who wants to talk to me about it, please meet up at the studio."

The socialite is known to be one who speaks her mind and is not bothered by social media trolls. 

She has appeared as a video vixen on a few songs in Kenya.