Gilda Naibei
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Esther Musila's daughter has silenced critics who are opposed to her mother's engagement to Guardian Angel. 

Having witnessed her mother's wedding proposal, Gilda Naibei has okayed the union. 

When she was engaged, her daughter was overjoyed, she screamed.

Now, she would like to be her mother's maid of honour the wedding day comes.

"This is the vibe that we are all going for as a family. As children we are happy, we can't wait for this wedding, we are fine, as long as we are fine, everyone should be ok," said Gilda Naibei.

With Esther Musila and Guardian Angel
Gilda Naibei With Esther Musila and Guardian Angel
Image: Screenshot

Speaking on Gilda's proposal show, Guardian Angel said that the reactions from Esher Musila's children was a good sign for him. 

"From how excited you guys were, i knew this was a done deal. It was the major thing for me. I knew she would accept it but i was worried about how you guys would react. If you reacted differently, it would have killed me. But when i realized you were ok , it was amazing. It touched my heart," Guardian Angel said.

"People need to know that in the beginning didn't look like a relationship. Esther is excited about music and the person that i am. For me i was just going for a business meeting then i met this beautiful woman. After a few weeks, we are excited about each other and we fall in love. And here we are," Guardian Angel said.