• Ringtone warns Eric Omondi against using his song 'fagia' to attract women

Gospel artist Ringtone Apoko has warned comedian Eric Omondi against using his new song 'Fagia' to attract women.

Fagia which is a newly released song by Ringtone featuring Guardian Angel has left Eric Omondi with water in the tummy as he fears his future wife might end up being 'swept'.

Taking to his social media Eric pleaded with Ringtone not to sweep his women as he might end up being a life time bachelor.

Through his social media he wrote

"The PRESIDENT will always support good music. Huyu Kijana ako na a higher calling and a gifting from above...Shida to ni awachane na mabibi zangu...Am about to bring some of the most beautiful women in this Continent to Kenya from ETHIOPIA, RWANDA, SOUTH SUDAN and NIGERIA bwana CHAIRMAN tafadhali usiwafagie because this time lazima nipate wife. Naomba."

Eric Omondi whose show 'Wife material's has caused controversy is among the many things Ringtone wants to sweep and clean up.

Warning Eric,Ringtone now says he has no interest in Eric's women.

As we all know Ringtone only has eyes for Zari Hassan.