•He has called me 'My wife'

•I am her Whatsapp profile picture

″I don't know what to reply to him

With her Dutch husband
Nyota Ndogo With her Dutch husband
Image: Instagram

Musician Nyota Ndogo is elated after receiving a long-awaited message from her dutch husband. 

After months of agony, the singer could not hide her joy as she flaunted a message sent by her lover yester night. 

An overjoyed Nyota Ndogo said she was unable to answer the message due to excitement. 

She was at crossroads on what to ask him so that the April fool's day mistake does not happen again.

"Jamani amkeni Leo nakesha nimeblue tikiwa na nikaitwa wife amenimiss jamani amkeni. Nimeshindwa lakujibu naanzaje kujibu jamani silali Leo ntaangalia tu huu ujumbe...... Yenyewe mume wangu nilimsave sabuni Ya Moyo wangu. Weuweeeeeeeeeee amerudi but nianze kwa kumuuliza nini?Tena picha yangu bado ni profile yake," wrote Nyota Ndogo. 

She captioned these words alongside a screenshot of their short conversation.

Nyota Ndogo's chat
Image: Screenshot

This message comes after the singer spent months, pleading through her social media platforms for her husband to get back to her. 

After a series of pleas, the singer took off to Denmark in an effort to salvage her marriage. 

Her husband kept off after an April fool's day prank that went wrong. 

Nyota Ndogo lied to him that she was pregnant, a prank which annoyed her husband since they had been apart and had not planned to get children.