Muthoni Mukiri warns women against going for dates with no fare

Kenyan You Tuber Muthoni Mukiri has advised women not to go for dates if they do not have fare to get them to the meeting point.

 According to Mukiri, a date is not a primary need that warrants you putting your life in danger.

Speaking via her Youtube channel she said

'A date is not a basic need, you can stay without going on one.

We are risking our lives so much with men and we (women) have become too money minded.

Women nowadays go on dates with the expectation that the man will give them money, Until you get to know a man sees you as 'special' don’t assume you are .

Don't go to dates expecting favors because you think you are special, you are just like any other woman, so out the specialty mentality in your pockets.

 You are only special to your family and friends but to strangers you are just.

Mukiri added

'If you go without fare for a date, a man can do what he wants with you. Am not saying men are allowed to do that.

I am just saying you are responsible for yourself. If hauna fare stay at home.

Get a job or ask for help from your family, stop depending on strangers, love and respect yourself.

Men respect women who are organized.'

Do you agree with Muthoni?