•Raphael is Zari Hassan's second born

•Zari says son is chasing clout

Zari Hassan has blamed her son's stunts on his adolescence. Raphael Junior is Zari Hassan and Ivan Semwanga second born.

Early this year, Rapahel took to Instagram Live to announce that he was gay. He later took his words back saying that it was a joke.

Speaking about this issue, Zari now says that her son has been chasing clout.

"My son is a teenager, he's going through a process, it is adolescent and a whole lot of things happen to you. He thinks when he does somethings online, he will get attention, sometimes he chases clout and he's like I'm joking."


"One day, he said he is gay and it became an issue, he does very crazy Instagram lives. When you ask, he says he's just living his life."

Zari says her son is straight and in a relationship; 

"I know the truth, he is straight and he has a girlfriend."

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